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The way I work with you

My 5 pillar approach to working with me

When we work together this is my approach. We dive into each these areas as much as you want in order to support you in thriving, becoming more vivacious and staying a worthy member of society – despite what it throws back at you sometimes.

The whole journey through perimenopause and into post
menopause is a time of renewal and transformation. It can be a harrowing one that can be overwhelming and all consuming

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How we work together

nutrition: optimise what you eat, it’s vital fuel for your body to thrive.We pin down the tweaks needed while keeping it enjoyable and delicious.

lifestyle: bespoke toolkit to help with sleep, stressing less, mastering your day among the many options to help you feel revived, energised yet calm and getting back in charge of your life.

accountability: this is where the magic happens. I use coaching skills to support you on your journey and keep on track towards your wellness goals.

Work with Me

Your 10 week 1:1 journey to you. This is ideal if you want to take back control, gain more calm and focus while nurturing and nourishing yourself to thrive in midlife and beyond


This one hour jumpstart 1:1 nutrition and lifestyle session is ideal if you want to get quick, actionable tips and answers to your biggest menopause problems right now


Vivacious & Vital Living - post the Pause Podcast

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Journal & Recipes

Hi, I'm Marian Hearne, a registered nutritional therapist, specialising in women over 40 wellness.

I was 43 when I became post menopausal.

My work is inspired by my own harrowing journey through perimenopause into post menopause. It meant I embraced nutrition and lifestyle changes as two of the cornerstones of midlife wellness. 

I help you build workable nutrition and lifestyle routines, habits and rituals that fit for you and your hectic life. The aim is to empower you to thrive on your journey through midlife and beyond.

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