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4 self-care strategies for midlife

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My aim is to help you flourish. It is about enjoyment, fun and small tweaks to your nutrition and lifestyle where needed.  One step at a time to pack in more nutrients to help you. 

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Menopause: Changing the narrative

Building a self-care routine for menopause. Use these handy tips to guide you to nourish and nurture yourself more in midlife and on your menopause journey

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There’s a lot of talk and rightly so about menopause lately. From 35 I started asking docs could I be menopausal. I kept being fobbed off...

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I had found it difficult, at times, to eat healthily. With your quick, easy & healthy recipes. Along with great advice, I now find I'm eating healthier and it's paying off. I'm very grateful to you


Re: Breakfast Avocado Mousse "it's like eating Ferrero Rocher with a spoon


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