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The menopausal humans I help

The post menopausal women I help

The humans I help... Gearing up for a fab post menopause. For me, it's time to prioritise you. It's time to review your life, discover what changes you'd like, then fuel up with nutritious food and create a nurturing environment to help you thrive and live your life on your terms, not on what society expects you to do.

If you're a post menopausal human, or your perimenopausal symptoms are easy to manage, or you're nearing the end of perimenopause, then I'm the nutritional and lifestyle therapist you've been waiting for.

As you know by now, perimenopause can be a harrowing journey for a lot of us. It can leave you shook and feeling overwhelmed. It may be daunting to know where to start to live your life on purpose and look after your wellness as you age? From my own harrowing experience with that hormonal chaos, I wished I'd learnt sooner that it's our time to shine even brighter than before. To take time to transform and reawaken the true you, that may have got lost in the busyness of life and juggling perimenopausal symptoms.

You don't have to be an unpaid nanny to your grandchildren or feeling useless as everyone gets on with their lives. The time is now to prioritise your desires, hopes of the life you want to live in this next fantastic chapter. Push back on society deciding for you that you're time is up and you must step back into the shadows. That's just ageism and should be called out, we must stand up to that at every turn. 

If there is life in you then there is time to dream and pursue achievable goals. 

And just as important, if you're sitting there thinking life has passed you by, then think again. The next chapter could be your best yet. It certainly won't be if you don't work for it. Yes, you may develop more aches and pains, illness or serious illness, in reality that can happen at any stage of life.

It’s time to take stock, renew, take back control, and find ways to thrive and be even more vivacious and vital as you age. 

The menopausal humans I help want to unlock their secrets to embracing this next chapter and are;

    1. Ready to ditch being weighed down by menopausal symptoms. Instead work on ways to help you age well
      Kicking back on the overwhelm and using nutrition and lifestyle as additional tools to say farewell to those pesky menopausal symptoms.

    2. Unsure what's next, yet eager to create a life of purpose, fun and vitality
      Waving goodbye to uncertainty and embracing this next phase of your life. We need to create a vision of both who we need to become and what we want our life to look like. Nourishment and lifestyle sustainable habits then fuel you and keep you motivated on the journey to a life you love post menopause

    3. Building positive connections with those who make you feel good and support your dreams
      Ageism is very subtle at times and can hurt. You are simply another human, who luckily has lived to the age you're at and all going well, many more years. A lot of people don't make it to that age. You've gained wisdom, sense, experience, skills and so much more. You're a vital member of society who enhances the human race in your unique way. It's not the time to let an age number block you.

    4. Hitting the refresh button on life and lower the toxicity in your life.
      Discover the habits that no longer serve you. Let's reawaken and reawaken to a next chapter by laying the foundations of nourishing your body and create nurturing sustainable habits for a life willed with vitality and vivaciousness, as you age

    5. Creating a framework, that is uniquely yours, to flourish and create a life you love
      I'm all for future-proofing your wellness journey. When working with me we use my 5 pillar approach of the nutrition and lifestyle measures to help you thrive post-the-pause.

      Three of the important ways to help you age well are,
      • Nourishment: fuelling your body with sufficient nutrients (so room for indulgence)

      • Lifestylecreating a supporting environment (sleep, bringing more calm into your life, movement, feeling renewed and rejuvenated...) that support you to navigate your path to build a life you love for this next chapter that is post menopause.

      • Roadmap: It's time to build a flexible vision (so it can change when necessary) of how to achieve a life you love that informs the nutrition, lifestyle and sustainable habits must haves. From this we create a personalised 'post-the-pause' toolkit then that supports you to thrive, as you age. 
    There are no guarantees in life. It can throw you sucker punches that knock you right back. No matter what it throws at you, it's about having the framework to get back on your feet, adapt to changes if necessary. It's important therefore to equip yourself with the tools you need to age gracefully. Nutrition and lifestyle optimal habits help are top of the list.

    It's time to wave goodbye to striving and start thriving 
    Let's gear up for a fab post menopause by working on ways to transform, renew and rejuvenate you to thrive, as you build a life you love for this, what can be, your most exciting time of life yet!

        For me, it's time to prioritise you. It's time to review your life, discover what changes you'd like, then fuel up with nutritious food and create a nurturing environment to help you thrive and live your life on your terms, not on what society expects you to do.

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