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Nurture You: Secrets to post menopause and changing it's impact on you

Nurture You 1:1 with Marian

I See You

  • You're flat out exhausted with menopausal symptoms. You still have terrible tiredness, exhausting night sweats, hot flushes, no headspace for your old hobbies. In short, you feel "menopausy" all the time. You can't sleep at night as your mind is racing, or woken up with night sweats and then have to change sheets and your pjs. You're so not feeling yourself and you want to do something about it.

  • You're overwhelmed by the different opinions and information around the menopause swirling around. It's stressful so you end up stuck. You’ve got questions you’d love to ask such as what’s right for you, or who’s advice should you follow. 

  • You’ve heard that nutrition and lifestyle measures are cornerstones for being healthy in perimenopause, menopause and post menopause. They support your energy, sleep, being calm and being well. You’d love to be more holistic and in your approach and need a helping hand to get started, or enhance what you are already doing.

What if, you 

  • are cutting through the noise of every food fad and diet and know how nutrition can help you feel more energised and optimise your wellness. 

  • have created an actionable and simple routines that help you to create more calm in your day and are set you up for better quality sleep. 

  • You know how to get trusted resources to feel empowered, and ready to master your post menopause journey to feel revived and start thriving.

  • You've gained clarity on how important it is to make space for your needs, and start feeling a bit more ‘you’ again.

  • Now, you are looking at ways to optimise your wellness for now and into the future, as you age.

  • You're embracing being older as you take steps to feel revived and energised to be even more vivacious and vital as you age. 

  • are ready to make time for your hobbies and meeting up with friends for a chat and a giggle.

All in investment: To be confirmed: June 2024

FAQs My Nurture You program
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"Thank you so much for the call and all the info you sent. I was looking at this the wrong way, what I didn't understand until speaking with you was that my body is changing so I need to adapt my environment. I was trying to figure out what had changed in my environment. Thank you."    MR

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