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Nurture: 10 week nutrition & lifestyle coaching

NURTURE: 10 nutrition and lifestyle coaching

NURTURE: Your 10 week, 1-2-1 journey to YOU

The aim is to help them take back control of your midlife and live on your terms. It's about gaining more calm and focus while nurturing and nourishing yourself to thrive and feel more like you again. It's about getting back in the driver seat of your life, as I often say be the CEO of your midlife and beyond, using the knowledge, support and tools you gain here to create a midlife and beyond you jump out of bed to live in each morning. 

Is this you?

  • You're struggling with overwhelming stress and anxiety, sleepless nights, night sweats and hot flushes - the full menopausal works.
  • You feel plagued by irritating, bothersome and downright debilitating symptoms such as aching bones, troublesome tummy and weight gain - who said that ageing with grace was possible!
  • You're feeling baffled and bewildered by all the different opinions and information around the menopause - and how it applies to YOU.

Then you’re in the right place.

Your midlife and menopause transition is in your hands

It is possible to:Nurture 1:1 package with Marian Hearne


Hi, I'm Marian, work with me on the nurture you in menopause 1:1How the menopause nurture toolkit works

Nurture 1:1 package

Across the weeks together we will:

Tweak your nutrition habits so they are playing their A-game in supporting you through the myriad of menopausal symptoms you're experiencing so that will you feel rejuvenated and flourishing. We prioritise the menopausal symptoms that are giving you the most grief so we can target your nutrition to have the greatest impact for you. 

Pin down which foods are nourishing you and which ones are hindering your progress right now, with support as you make those changes.

Give you a full pantry makeover, which involves:

  • upgrading your snacks, meals and drinks with healthier swaps.
  • include plant based meals, as it's exhausting to know where to start.
  • learn a few easy recipes and food hacks to help you journey through the menopause with ease.
Nurture package lifestyle aims

As well as what you’re feeding yourself, I know that there are other big impact lifestyle habits and changes we can make to help you feel your best through the menopause.

If you’re feeling tired and worn out, over the 10 weeks we work together it’s going to be time to

  1. focus on tools to help get a better night's sleep
  2. calm the hormonal chaos going on inside you
  3. decipher what you need right now from the avalanche of overwhelming information available
  4. know where to look for trusted information
  5. create routines and rituals that help you master your day no matter what's thrown at you

so you feel energised and renewed to live your life on your terms. Because it’s not just your diet but everything else happening in your life that impacts how you feel.

Nurture Accountability Process: Buddy process to keep you on track

Throughout our 10 weeks together you’ll be fully supported because accountability is one of my central pillars to help women achieve the life they want in midlife.

I’ll be here to help you

  • set achievable goals
  • track your progress
  • pick you up when things don’t work out and
  • make changes to navigate your menopause with ease and take back control and start to feel revived, restored and rebalanced.

With more headspace and less of those niggling symptoms you’ll even have space to create a vision of how you'd like your midlife to be and take time out to explore what feeling fabulous in midlife looks for you.

    What do you get

    This package consists of five sessions spread over ten weeks. 
    • Initial 1 hour 1:1 session 
    • 4 x 30 minute follow up sessions
    • Targeted actions, resources and email support to achieve your wellness goals.
    All sessions are guided by a pre appointment questionnaire.
    This is invaluable to get the absolute most out of the sessions.
    All in investment: €480


    Will my symptoms go away at the end of the 10 weeks?
    I cannot guarantee your symptoms will ease or your life transformed. Together we set you up for success with two of the cornerstones for helping you thrive in menopause and beyond. Our focus is based on finding workable and targeted ways to nourish you and lifestyle tweaks to help benefit you in midlife and beyond.

    Can I book the sessions to fit around my schedule?

    Yes of course, you choose the timings that work best for you within the hours I work (Monday to Friday). The first session is at the beginning of week one. The reason is it sets the direction for the ten weeks. Bear in mind once we start the ten weeks it has to be completed in full. There are no extensions beyond the time. 

    Is it possible to concentrate on one area only?

    Yes, this package is a process that is highly tailored and targeted at your needs. We decide how best to use the time at our first session together and what is/are the priorities to target in these ten weeks to help you right now.

    Yes, this package is just what I need but I'm stuck on time and I don't have the money spare right now

    Midlife is the time you put you top of your list. Let me ask, if your partner, friend, child, work needed your time and money would you drop everything, find the money and use every resource to help them? Then, you are just as important.

    There are many lessons I've learnt during my own journey and one is to make the space and do the work so I set myself up to thrive in midlife and beyond. The choice is always yours. 

    Do you have a payment plan?

    Yes and we can discuss the instalments options on the free 30 minute session I'd advise you to take before signing up this package. Please note that the package must be paid for before we begin our first session begins together. 

    I often hear you talk about rituals/routines. Why are they so vital?

    Rituals and routines are tools to help set ourselves up to thrive.

    We have to adapt to the changes we are going through on our menopause journeys. The rituals helps us build supports and create space for us.

    Rituals/routines set us up for the day, throughout the day and help us to wind down at night. 

    Quick "fixes" help in the short term.

    The goal here is to help you free up time, to work on longer term solutions so you approach your day with calmness, compassion to yourself and with goals that help you live life on your terms as best you can. In essence you target your time to what matters, instead of being all things to everyone while you slip down your priority list.

    Does this replace HRT?

    No. whether or not you take HRT is a decision between you and doctor. Here we maximise benefits from your food intake and lifestyle so they help ease symptoms whether or not you use HRT. 


    Thank you so much for the call and all the info you sent. I was looking at this the wrong way, what I didn't understand until speaking with you was that my body is changing so I need to adapt my environment. I was trying to figure out what had changed in my environment. Thank you.    MR

    Are you ready to create that midlife you've dreamed of, use nutrition and lifestyle to ease menopausal symptoms and prioritise and deal with those pesky symptoms causing the most grief? Then let's make it happen. Book in for a free 30 minute session to answer any questions you may have.