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About Marian Hearne

My goal is to help as many women as I can juggle their perimenopause transition and post menopause years with their busy lives and find targeted ways to take the next steps to flourish and thrive in what can be the best of life yet

Hi, I'm Marian!

I work with busy women over 40 who would love to transform their health so they find inner calm, stock a nourishing pantry the whole family loves and lead a healthier lifestyle that feels right for them. Why? In order to feel less stressed, more energised, sleep better & look after their bones. 

Are you struggling with debilitating symptoms such as terrible tiredness, exhausting sweats & flushes? Do you experience numbing stress and anxiety and yearn for some peace and quiet? Or more often than not yearn for the old you back?

Do you feel lost in a sea of conflicting information and not sure where to turn? Have you got cranky and moody thinking it’s normal while battling through the endless symptoms creeping in? All in all feeling menopausy, isolated, lonely and not listened to when trying to find answers?

My heart breaks when I hear women struggling like this. I hear you and you’re in the right place. 

My work as a Nutritional Therapist helping women through the midlife is inspired by my own harrowing journey, nearly a decade post menopausal in my mid-50s after spending over another decade in peri-menopause. 

The methods available to me to manage my menopause symptoms have also been complicated as I have a chronic illness which means I cannot use HRT systemically.

This means in my quest to live a healthy and balanced life I have totally embraced using nutritional and lifestyle methods to help me thrive during menopause, these methods that you might want to explore yourself if you’re here on my website. 

Due to the frustration of not getting the help, or even the diagnosis that I was peri-menopausal, I gained the knowledge and education to help myself, using these methods and strategies. 

Now using everything I know I am helping women like you approaching or in peri-menopause or who are post menopausal to create a midlife narrative you jump out of bed to live in. 

Does this resonate with you? Is this how you're feeling right now? I understand your problem and I can help you solve it. 

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