About Marian

Welcome to my nutrition and lifestyle business.

Hi, I'm Marian HearneThe Midlife Nutritional Therapist. I help women navigate the menopause, to take back control and feel more like themselves again. 

I have been dealing with my own harrowing journey, nearly a decade post menopausal in my mid-50s after spending over another decade in peri-menopause. I also have a chronic illness and as such cannot use HRT so I have totally embraced using natural methods to help me thrive during menopause.

Due to the frustration of not getting the help, or even the diagnosis, that I was menopausal I gained the knowledge and education to help myself, using natural methods and strategies. Now I am enjoying the opportunity to help other women whether they are approaching/or in perimenopause or are post menopausal.

My heart breaks when I hear women approaching or in midlife struggling with

  • overwhelm, feeling useless and losing control
  • hot flushes
  • mood swings
  • sleepless nights
  • numbing stress and anxiety
  • losing strength 
  • eating habits gone haywire
  • burning/dry mouth
  • vagina issues
  • stomach issues 
  • & so much more
all in all feeling "menopausy", feeling isolated, lonely and not listened to when trying to find answers.


Not Sure Where To Start Or What To Do? 

Is this you? I help women like you navigate the menopause naturally, whether you are on HRT or not.

Whether you opt for one of my services such as the Menopause Starter Toolkit or the Menopause Accountability Package they are designed with self-care strategies and hacks to help you tool up and navigate the menopause naturally.

The Menopause Accountability Package is very much client-led to create your own roadmap to thrive, feel more like yourself and more in control as you journey through the menopause and beyond.

What are you doing to look after yourself during Menopause? 

If interested, check out my all nutritional services here.  


Make Healthy Habits part of your life. 
Start small and aim Big