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ESSENTIALS: One hour jumpstart on your journey to you

ESSENTIALS: 1 hour 1:1 jumpstart session on your journey to youThis session is ideal if you want to get quick, actionable tips and
answers to your biggest menopause problem right now

Is this You?

  • You're getting the signs of peri-menopause or menopause and it’s really starting to impact your life. Whether it’s night sweats, hot flushes, uncontrollable tears or red rage anger, aching bones, a troublesome tummy or stubborn weight-gain, you’re not feeling yourself and you want to do something about it.

  • You're getting confused about the different opinions and information around the menopause swirling around and you’ve got questions you’d love to ask an expert – what’s right for you? Who’s advice should you follow? It feels exhausting so you end up stuck.

  • You’ve heard that your nutrition and lifestyle play a big part in managing perimenopause, menopause and post menopause and you’d love to do something holistic and for yourself when it comes to these periods of your life, but you can’t figure out what would suit you.

Then you're in the right place.

Imagine if:

  • You could cut through the noise and know what nutrition would really help you with your menopause symptoms

  • You had a list of simple suggestions to action that felt achievable and realistic for the busy life you lead and that improved your health so you have more energy, a clearer head and more consistency in your mood

  • You started seeing changes and reductions in the symptoms that bother you the most and start feeling a bit more ‘you’ again. Now, you are looking at ways to optimise your wellness for now and into the future as best you can.


Where do you need help most?

Your session will be focused on the one area you most need support with. You can choose from.

    1. Menopause Specialist GP / GP Prep

      Are you struggling to prepare for your menopause specialist doctor's appointment? If so, in this session we tease out what you need to do so you achieve the best possible outcome at your visit.

    2. Nourish

      Here we help you to pin down one area of your nutrition causing havoc with your symptoms which is hindering your progress right now. 

    3. Lifestyle

      Our focus here is one lifestyle measure that will support you in for example having a better night's sleep, stressing less, and other factors needed in order for you to gain your calm, and start feeling energised and renewed. 

What do you get

You have a dedicated one hour 1:1 virtual call with me to dive deep into where you are at.

The session is guided by a pre appointment questionnaire and this is invaluable to get the absolute most out of the hour.

After the session there will be a follow-up email outlining your next steps, including targeted actions, resources to help you start on your own journey and achieve your wellness goals.


Will they be easy tips that fit in my busy life?

Yes, it's about simple actionable steps targeted for what you need right now.

Does this replace HRT?

No. whether or not you take HRT is a decision between you and doctor. Here we maximise benefits from your food intake and lifestyle so they help ease symptoms whether or not you use HRT. 

Is this one hour enough to make a difference?

Yes, it's a jumpstart session and provides quick, actionable tips and answers to your biggest menopause problems right now. If you would like more support then definitely check out my 'Nurture' 10 week 1:1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching package.


Thank you so much for the call and all the info you sent. I was looking at this the wrong way, what I didn't understand until speaking with you was that my body is changing so I need to adapt my environment. I was trying to figure out what had changed in my environment. Thank you.    MR

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to begin creating that midlife you've dreamed of by using nutrition and lifestyle? Let's prioritise that most troublesome symptom and let's work on helping you take back control of it. Decide which option above you want help with and book in. Are you ready?

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