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Why I work with women who are in perimenopause or post menopause

Why I work with perimenopausal and post menopausal womenHeartbreaking Perimenopausal saga

My own heartbreaking saga of a perimenopause and early post menopause journey was the catalyst to why I now work with perimenopause and post menopausal women. 

From my mid 30s I worked tirelessly to get answers for "weird" symptoms such as hot flushes, waking at night drenched in sweat and palpitations, constant anxiety, lack of sleep, the full perimenopausal works. My weight shot up from dress size 12 to size 18. I was tested for various medical conditions and allergies. When nothing showed up I was fobbed off by medics with excuses such as, I was too young to be menopausal, just stressed, or any other excuse that, I felt, came into doctors' heads.

Rollercoaster of a perimenopausal journey 

As well as symptoms mentioned above I had years with my menstrual cycle being irregular, extremely heavy to normal, light, going back and forth to then none. The whole journey was a roller coaster leaving me wrecked, disillusioned and with a myriad of issues to deal with. 

In my early 40s I visited 4 different doctors, in one year alone, in the hope one of them would give me answers. It was pointless and I was just left the loss of the money and no answers.  

I even suffered a miscarriage in my early 40s and nearly didn't make it myself through that harrowing day. Still no joining of dots that something might be amiss.

Post menopause at 43

Unbeknownst to myself at 43 I'd become post menopausal! The perimenopause symptom checkers, sites devoted to perimenopause or menopause resources or women’s stories wouldn't appear until years later. This meant I had nothing to refer to or find answers or a way forward.

Diagnosis at 46

At age 46, after yet another round of blood tests the GP told me I hadn't even started perimenopause. I was so angry and frustrated I banged my arm down on the GP’s desk and demanded to know what was wrong with me, seeing as I hadn’t had a period in so long. The GP, at the time, looked at the results again and concluded I was post menopause. And that was it. No discussion, advice or direction on how to look after my bones, muscles, heart health, sleep, vaginal health, nutrition and lifestyle, or any other help. NOTHING. 

Once I had the diagnosis I was determined to find a way I could feel more like myself again. The journey was hard but worth the effort as now I'm stronger, healthier and feel more like myself. 

Angry, scared yet found a way through

I sometimes get so angry at the lack of supports available at the time on perimenopause and post menopause care. Nowadays I’m hopeful women will source the information and supports they need to manage their perimenopause and beyond with ease, no matter what their age.

Despite my “scars” I’m much happier than ever in my life to date. The push to help myself resulted in I becoming a qualified nutritional therapist in 2016. I wanted a deep dive into using nutrition and lifestyle to help myself and other women. I’ve added a diploma in applied nutrition and I’ve enhanced my skills with CPD training in coaching, stress resilience, stress management and various trainings in menopause from a nutritional and lifestyle perspective. I’m gone in a direction I never imagined as a result of dealing with my own perimenopausal and post menopausal journey. My new perspective has helped me achieve a life where I’m stronger and goal driven. I prioritise myself with self-care rituals, routines, rest and switch off time, which are now essentials for me to thrive and enjoy life. I've been that soldier and nutrition and lifestyle changes were my saviour when I had nothing else. HRT and everything else I do (meditation etc) enhance the basics I set up on my own. 

Does any of this resonate with you?

If you're ready to supercharge your nutrition and lifestyle so they play at their A-game to help you thrive in perimenopause and beyond. then grab a 30 minute call to see if my 'Nurture' programme is the right fit for you to thrive in midlife and beyond.

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