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Midlife Transformation Taster Session

Midlife Transformation Taster

Take the first step to start feeling more like yourself again

As a busy midlife woman you may be struggling with debilitating symptoms such as terrible tiredness, exhausting sweats & hot flushes? Do you experience numbing stress and anxiety or have a short temper and end up snapping at everyone?

Did you know a lot of your symptoms creeping in may be due to perimenopause or post menopause? 

Imagine a midlife and menopause where you get to:

    •  Finally run/walk that marathon you've been promising yourself
    • Outpace your children or grandchildren while playing in the garden?
    • Easily cook the family meal

    • After a hard day's work you cook the family meal and still have quality time with your family afterwards, where you're not bickering and snapping at everyone.
    • Able to do the shopping and not get out of breath 
    • You're clear headed

    • You've flying through your workload and no longer plagued with the beetroot head and sweaty, drowned wet body of hot flushes and having to change your clothes in a cubby hole toilet a few times.

    • Get back to your favourite hobbies
    • Bring Date Night back and enjoy it, cos the real you has resurfaced
    • You feel calm, relaxed, focused, nicer to be around, more like the CEO of your life you've been before

    • You no longer bicker with your partner and want the heating turned off, when it's not even on
    • Your partner loves being around again and no longer worries

    • Life is real good
    • You're turn, if not any or all of the above, what are your hopes and dreams?

Ready to love your midlife?

Your midlife transformation starts here, with a plan, nutritional and coaching support and a lifestyle toolkit to breeze through menopause, midlife & beyond. The goal is to help you slide through midlife with the grace you promised to make happen.

I warmly invite you to book a free midlife transformation taster session to discover easy steps you can take today towards the midlife you hoped for.

Don't suffer in silence, hop on a free 30 minute call and explore how ...👇 

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