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Triple Chocolate and Pear classic dessert from my childhood

triple chocolate and pear childhood dessert

How this recipe came to be a childhood classic

When I was a child we'd often play in our gardens while the mothers hung the clothes on the line. If sunny they would chat for most of the morning. The rush to get the dinner usually broke up the conversation. Dinner was at lunchtime and we had a "tea" later. 

One day there was huge excitement as a friend of one of them had written down a recipe from a magazine. It was passed around the houses. I'm not sure what the original cake was but in our house it consisted of a shop bought gateaux sliced and layered around a dinner plate, tinned pears sliced and spread across the top. Melted cooking chocolate was poured over the pears and allow to set. Then when the chocolate had set in the fridge whip up cream and coat over the chocolate and down the sides of the cake. It was then time to  sprinkle grated chocolate over the top and serve. It was kept in the fridge until we could eat it.

My family was poor so this was a huge treat. A fanciful treat from the usual ice cream and jelly! There was gleeful excitement when first made. Though even now I've never lost the love for this dessert. 

Roll on a few decades and I've pimped it up. Now I use brownies which makes it easier to make individual portions, juicy small pears or tinned pears if can't locate nice pears, coconut cream and Dr Coy's chocolate. It's ideal for us as we don't have the bother of making a huge celebration cake when necessary. 

The recipe is based around the small size of the brownies. If you use larger brownies then you'll have to adjust the amounts of the pears, cream and chocolate to suit. 


Serves: 2


2 small brownies (I used The Nutshed brownies)
2 juicy small pears peeled, cored and sliced (or tinned pears)
40g melted chocolate (I use Dr Coy's chocolate, usually hazelnut)
1/2 tsp melted and cooled coconut oil
3-4 tbsp coconut cream 

1 tsp grated chocolate

Place the brownies on 2 small plates. Top with the sliced pears Combine the chocolate and coconut oil in a small bowl. then pour equally over the pears on each plate. Place in the freezer for 5 minutes to harden.

When ready remove from the freezer. Dollop the coconut cream equally on each. Finish off with a drizzle of grated chocolate and serve.   


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  • That sounds devilish and most tasty, a definite for a celebration. The easiest are always best:)

    Marian Hearne
  • We dis something similar except we called the mock black forest.
    Chocolate Swiss roll x 1
    Tin strawberries in own juice x1
    Fresh cream x 250 ml
    Serves 6
    Cut Chocolate Swiss roll thinly and place around base of a medium sized bowl. Spoon strawberries and the juice over the Swiss roll, spoon the cream on top. Place another layer of the Swiss roll, a layer of strawberriesand juice then the last of the cream. Sprinkle with Cadbury’s flake. Leave for approximately 4 hours in the fridge. Divide into six dessert bowl, serve and enjoy. I bet you they will be licking the dish!!


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