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To HRT or not to HRT, that is the question

To HRT or not to HRT, that is the question

With the old phrase; your body, your choice in mind it is important to remember; you decide if you want to use HRT,  it is your personal choice. 

Make choices based on facts, not scaremongering or peer pressure.

The important task for you in deciding whether or not to use HRT is

  1. Get the pertinent HRT facts (pros and cons) that apply for you. Even if you decide to use HRT there are instances where medically it is off limits. 
  2. Know your symptoms, list them out, when they started, how they affect your life, family, partner, work and anything else. Put the most debilitating symptoms, on a priority list, those ones hampering your life and taking the joy right out of it.
  3. As appointments with menopause specialist GPs have a six month waiting list it is worthwhile booking an appointment as you do your research, It is worth attending the appointment just to confirm the information you've gathered as they are best placed to help you decipher the facts around HRT and You.
  4. Make choices based on your symptoms, health and what is best for you so you thrive and future-proof your health.
  5. The decision should always be worked out with you and your doctor who is either a British Menopause Society accredited menopause specialist doctor or your GP who has an interest in helping women in the transition phase or post menopause and has training in the area by an accredited BMS trained GP.

There are other options instead of HRT that you may choose to use.


It takes work but don't you deserve time to get it right for you. 



    Whatever you decide nutrition and lifestyle support is another tool to help you in menopause, whatever stage

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    Updated article from 11 January 2022

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