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Perimenopause should be easy. It's time to start living the life you imagined

It's time to start living the life you imaginedPerimenopause is full of surprises and the transition is a very difficult one for most of us. 

👏 With celebrities speaking out about their experiences, the ‘silent shame’ is no longer the taboo subject it was. (hands in the air and jumping with glee here).
The experience is different though for every woman and often means being hot, cold, moody, tired, sleep-deprived, nervy, irritable, sad, or hairy where you don’t want it. It can mean hot flushes, brain fog, vaginal issues and a seemingly immovable band of fat around the middle. Sadly the list goes on, up to 34 symptoms and counting…

💯 It is more important than ever to thrive in midlife.

As given life expectancy increases, women can expect to spend at least a third of their life post-menopausal. So it’s really worth getting the help you need now. Despite what you might have feared, menopause is not the death of your youth or vitality, but the start of some of the best and most powerful years of your life.
Your fluctuating hormones are a main cause of all of these symptoms. You don’t have to accept these symptoms as the way things need to be.
Your health is no longer something peripheral you can take for granted and it can help you take control over managing symptoms.

🎉 5 of the KEY STEPS to take back control 

1. HRT: Check with your menopause specialist doctor if HRT is of benefit to you. They can discuss alternatives with you too.

2. Make practical and supportive changes to your nutrition to help with symptoms.

3. Step up your self care

4. Taking action to reduce stress and sleep better

5. Exercise and move in a way that supports you and benefits your energy and bones.


I have created free resources for you. Feel free to browse and choose the ones that resonate with you.

I warmly invite you to book in for a free 30-minute free chat to see if a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan might help. It's time to be fabulously you. Book a 30 minute ‘midlife transformation kickstart’ session and explore how to get started now.

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