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Menopause Checklist: 10 steps to start prioritising you in midlife

Menopause: 10 step checklist to start prioritising you in midlife

This is by no means a exhaustive list but when navigating your menopause journey, it's a great place to start, no matter what stage you are at.

I know, after over 17 years dealing with my own menopause journey that you must have a starting point and create a plan.

For the nutritional and lifestyle help you know where I am. We can set goals, your future wellness vision, a sleep audit, a health & energy review and lots more. It depends on what you need right there and then. 

I help you set your wellness goals and then use coaching skills to help you make the shifts, even if it as simple as make that call to your GP or menopause medical specialist.

Ready to love your midlife?

Your midlife transformation starts here, with a plan, nutritional and coaching support and a lifestyle toolkit to breeze through menopause, midlife & beyond. The goal is to help you slide through midlife with the grace you promised to make happen.

I warmly invite you to book a free midlife transformation taster session to discover easy steps you can take today towards the midlife you hoped for.

Don't suffer in silence, hop on a free 30 minute midlife transformation session and explore how ...👇 

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