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Konenki, Japanese word for menopause. It's empowering as it means renewal of life and energy


Have you heard of Konenki? 

Konenki is the Japanese word for menopause and it means 'renewal of life' and energy. Isn't that such a beautiful and empowering way to view menopause? 

Whether you use Konenki or 3rd Curve, second spring, menopause, post menopause, menopausis, climacteric phase with work it can be the best time of your life yet. It's a time where you can

  1. deal with symptoms as best you can
  2. take stock
  3. reinvent yourself

just like I've done despite the challenges. Remember that when the hot flushes, sleepless nights...the works of menopause are pushing you to the limit keep pushing too towards the life you want to live.  

Want help to get your nutrition and lifestyle playing their A-game for menopause?

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