Unlock your post menopausal super power, 5 secrets to thrive. Grab now!

Are you ready to flourish in midlife as you approach next year?

Work with me on my 10 week 1:1 bespoke midlife nutrition ad lifestyle programme

Sign up to my 1:1 ten week midlife & beyond nutrition and lifestyle programme, called 'Nurture' and let's kickstart your journey

Nurture is my bespoke 1:1 ten week programme for over 40 women. It's aim is to help you get your nutrition and lifestyle playing their A-game, to take back control of your menopause journey so you are the CEO of your life and we work on creating a midlife you jump out of bed to live in each day. 

We use how you nourish (diet) and nurture (lifestyle) you. What you get is 

  • nutrition hacks to help with symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats
  • techniques to get your calm on which in turns helps you feel more focused, relaxed and nicer to be around
  • tools to create a sleep routine to help you nod off
  • know how to find your purpose, especially if you reach menopause childless
  • how to nourish your bones
  • tools to prioritise yourself so you give from a full cup instead of reaching burnout
  • tools to help motivate and guide you to create the midlife & beyond of your dreams

We work through my 3 Core Pillars; (1) Nourish, (2) Lifestyle, (3) Accountability 


  • Pin down foods that are nourishing or hindering your progress right now.
  • Learn about the foods that help with managing symptoms
  • Help with a full pantry makeover, that could be adding in more plantbased foods, delicious recipes, snack ideas are just a few of the areas we cover.


  • focus on tools to help get a better night's sleep
  • calm the hormonal chaos going on inside you
  • decipher what you need right now from the avalanche of overwhelming information available
  • know where to look for trusted information
  • create routines and rituals that help you master your day no matter what's thrown at you


I’ll be here to help you

  • set achievable goals
  • track your progress
  • pick you up when things don’t work out and
  • make changes to navigate your menopause with ease and take back control and start to feel revived, restored and rebalanced.

Are you ready?

    As we head in to the festive season I'm offering €30 discount on my 'Nurture' package. The discount offer is valid until 30th November 2022 only, the programme can last longer than November 2022.

    If you are interested hop on a free 30 minute chat to ensure this is the right programme for you. 

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