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Unsupported in Menopause - but no more

Unsupported in menopause, but no more

This photo is from 2014. At the time I was very ill in menopause with gut issues, hot flushes, sleepless nights, aches and pains, general weakness...the works really. I was distraught as I was at my wit's end trying to find solutions.

The lack of medical support pushed me into studying nutritional therapy so I could qualify as a clinical-trained nutritional therapist. My hope was to make the lifestyle and nutrition changes I needed so I'd have enough energy to continue my fight to get the medical help I needed. 

In the end the studies were so intense that I decided to work helping other women with nutritional and lifestyle changes so they thrive too in menopause. 

It's only in the last couple of years (we are now in 2022!) that I'm receiving the right medical help. 

Despite all the grief, pain, poor quality of life etc I do see major benefits in not getting the right help back then.

  1. I've spent the time since building my knowledge so I can help menopausal women at the same time as myself. I've been there and know the struggle.
  2. Nowadays HRT is available in less toxic formats such as body identical gels and patches. They are less toxic and suitable for me to trial and decide on risk and benefits. I was never told that the others were toxic. So I'm counting myself lucky I never got them. 
  3. I've mastered the nutrition and lifestyle habits that help me thrive so now have more time to concentrate on getting the right help from my menopause doctors.
  4. Only in the last few years there are menopause specialist GPs coming on stream in Ireland with the relevant training. They are even training other GPs with an interest in menopause. It's hard to stomach they've never received training before they qualified.  This is exciting as my generation who are fighting hard to make menopause matter will hopefully end the angst (put mildly) that younger generations of women will never have to endure. 
  5. There is now a recognition by some employers that menopause recognition and support in the workplace is important and are acting on it. 

Although there is a long way to go with menopause there are heartwarming signs that the third part of our lives, the second spring, whatever you want to call it is going to be our best part yet. 

Oh and I look a yell of a lot better, stronger and happier than that false smile pretended back then. 

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