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As a nutritional therapist I take it you're against HRT?

As a nutritional therapist I take it you're against HRT?

When I get asked what is my profession or more usually what I work at, the glib response above is typical of what's gets hurled at me. I am startled each time with their lack of knowledge and their sense of righteous judgement in clearly something they know nothing about. It is both insulting and I lose interest in them.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional therapy is a qualification that takes 3 years of training with tons of clinical hours before we qualify. 

As I'm registered with our governing body I am required to participate in a minimum of continuous development (CPD) yearly. I normally do much more than the required amount as I want to stay on top of my knowledge so I help midlife women, like you, going through the menopause or the transition (perimenopause) to get your nutrition and lifestyle playing their A game. 

When you work with me on nutrition and lifestyle, my approach is a lot less intense, but we work just as hard, than a full nutritional therapy session.

  • I want each session to be light fun, informative and enjoyable and you become enthused to create the next best steps so you thrive and are headed to the life of your dreams.


This midlife and menopause time of our lives can be our best yet. Konenki is the Japanese word for menopause and it means 'renewal of life' and energy. Isn't that such a beautiful and empowering way to view menopause? 

Whether you use Konenki or 3rd Curve, second spring, menopause, post menopause, menopausis, climacteric phase with work it can be the best time of your life yet. It's a time where you can

  1. deal with symptoms as best you can
  2. take stock
  3. reinvent yourself
just like I've done despite the challenges.

    HRT Resistant, am not

    With the likes of the remark above there is also an assumption I'm Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) resistant! This is ridiculous as I'm on HRT myself!

    My blood no doubt will continue to boil as some idiot comes up with this type of stupid remark, without even knowing me.

    Want help to get your nutrition and lifestyle on their A-game for menopause?

    If you are struggling with getting to grips with the nutrition an lifestyle changes you need to help you thrive in menopause then check out how you can work with me  (whether you're on HRT or not) then use this link work with me, or grab a free 30 minute consult and let's get started.

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