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Perimenopause Essentials Toolkit

Perimenopause Essentials ToolkitAre you done with feeling:-
All "menopause-y"- Isolated, lonely and pushed aside
Like the best years have passed you by ?

Imagine a midlife and menopause where you get to:

  • Finally run/walk that marathon you've been promising yourself
  • Outpace your children or grandchildren while playing in the garden
  • Enjoy getting in the kitchen after work to create a nourishing family meal, with quality time for family fu
  • Breeze through your workload, get that promotion, or set up your dream business, and have everyone ask what your secret is
  • Bring Date Night back and rekindle the spice in your relationship, yes the REAL you is back
  • Feel calm, focused, nicer to be around and more like the CEO of your life
  • Feel that midlife really IS good
      You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are at and change the endingC.S. Lewis

      The Perimenopause Essentials Toolkit is for you if,

      • You're bombarded with information overload on perimenopause and not sure where to turn

      • You want nutrition and lifestyle support to manage symptoms that are appearing 
      • You want time out to imagine and create a plan to achieve a midlife that has you jumping out of bed to live in

      Where do you need help most?

      Your session will be focused on the area you most need support with. You'll be able to choose from.

      1. Menopause Specialist GP Prep
        Are you struggling to prepare for your menopause specialist doctor's appointment? If so, in this session we tease out what you need to do so you achieve the best possible outcome at your visit.

      2. Nourish
        Here we help you to pin down which foods are nourishing and helpful to ease your menopausal symptoms and which ones hindering your progress right now. Included are tips and healthy recipes to help you make any necessary changes.

      3. Recharge
        Tired and worn out? Time to focus on tools to help get a better night's sleep and to calm the hormonal chaos so you feel energised and renewed to live your life on your terms.

      4. Create a Plan to take back control of your perimenopause 
        Talking back control of your perimenopausal journey may mean taking time out to explore how you can start to feel fabulous. I help you to create a vision and plan on how to feel revived, restored, rebalanced and more like yourself again. 

        How this works

        • You have a dedicated 1-2-1 virtual call with me for 1 hour to dive deep into where you are at.

        • All sessions are guided by a pre appointment questionnaire and this is invaluable to get the absolute most out of the hour.

        • After the session there will be a follow-up email outlining your next steps, including tips and hacks. 


        Are you ready?

        Choose one from the options above. book in and let's get started

        Do you have questions? Then,

        Book your complimentary 30 minute "Midlife Transformation Kickstart" taster session now and let's explore what is the best next step is for you.