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About how I can help you in perimenopause, menopause and post menopause

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As a busy midlife woman you may be struggling with debilitating symptoms such as terrible tiredness, exhausting sweats & hot flushes? Do you experience numbing stress and anxiety or have a short temper and end up snapping at everyone?

Do you know a lot of your symptoms creeping in may be due to perimenopause or post menopause? 

Hi, I'm Marian, I work with busy women over 40 to transform their health so they find their inner calm, stock a nourishing midlife pantry and lead a healthier lifestyle that feels right for them.

Imagine a midlife and menopause where you get to:

    •  Finally run/walk that marathon you've been promising yourself
    • Outpace your children or grandchildren while playing in the garden?
    • Easily cook the family meal

    • After a hard day's work you cook the family meal and still have quality time with your family afterwards, where you're not bickering and snapping at everyone.
    • Able to do the shopping and not get out of breath 
    • You're clear headed

    • You've flying through your workload and no longer plagued with the beetroot head and sweaty, drowned wet body of hot flushes and having to change your clothes in a cubby hole toilet a few times.

    • Get back to your favourite hobbies
    • Bring Date Night back and enjoy it, cos the real you has resurfaced
    • You feel calm, relaxed, focused, nicer to be around, more like the CEO of your life you've been before

    • You no longer bicker with your partner and want the heating turned off, when it's not even on
    • Your partner loves being around again and no longer worries

    • Life is real good

Are you yearning for the old you back? 

Feeling, all in all  menopausy, isolated, lonely and not listened to when trying to find answers?

Don’t suffer in silence. Explore how to feel fabulous, take back control and navigate your midlife journey on your terms.

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