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World Osteoporosis Awareness Day 20 October 2020

world osteoporosis awareness day
It’s world osteoporosis awareness day today (20th October 2020).

I’ve said this before but good for a reminder today of all days. Everyone should look after their bone health.
Even more so if you are a 35+ year old woman and definitely if you are peri-menopausal

Osteoporosis is known as The Silent Killer.

It is estimated that
• 300,000 Irish people have it *
• Only 15% of them diagnosed*

Healthy bones are strong, dense, function well and don't fracture easily

Osteoporosis describes bones that are porous, brittle, there is impaired functionality and high risk of fractures

The range of bone health status between osteoporosis and healthy bones. It is called Osteopenia, the nearer you are to having osteoporosis the bones are becoming less dense

You can still fracture easily with osteopenia – that is moderate to marked osteopenia *

YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR DEXA scan SCORE (where you are at on this scale)

DEXA Scan - is the test to check the status of your bone density

Once you get our DEXA scan results if you need help with your nutrition, I can help.

*Data from Irish Osteoporosis Society

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