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World Menopause Month

World Menopause Month. Here are 10 step checklist to help you thrive as you head into and live in post menopause

Is it worth celebrating Menopause Month and Menopause Day?

I'm sure you know by now that October is known as Menopause Month, with the 18th October called Menopause Day.

Whether you're in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause the symtpoms, the agony of trying to get help, and the juggle to do all this and live your busy life, the menopause doesn't only appear this month. It is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year journey.

In the world childlessness week in September they mentioned that they are there to help childless people every day of the year and that in September they just roar louder. So, with this in mind I'm making a song and dance about it just because it's important to keep shouting louder, even one month of the year. We need to get to a stage that every women going through this can feel safe, heard and get the help they deserve. Do you agree we are not there yet?

Yes You, make some space for you in your busy calendar 

As we're in October, the world menopause month, it is the perfect time, if you haven't done so already, to make space for you and put YOU top of your list of priorities. To cater for your needs for a change.

Here are 10 steps that are a great starting point is to make that space;

  1. Take stock of where you are at with symptoms, what you eat, anxiety, sleep etc. There are many symptom checkers that you can download. I'll have one in my Substack paid section soon.

  2. Assess where are at and where you'd like to be. I can help you if you are ready to sort our your nutrition and lifestyle and get them playing their A-game as fits in with your lifestyle. You need to ensure your nourish yourself for now and to lay foundations to thrive into the future. Making changes can help with sleep, hot flushes, energy and more. Blood sugar balance is a must to help you juggle your life and the journey of menopause too. Take the first steps to action your future proofing your wellness, and goals for living your best life, then go from there. 

  3. Is it time for a DEXA scan to check your bone density?

  4. Speak to a qualified trainer to help you with the right exercises to keep you fit and strong. Two of the most important factors to bear in mind is, whatever way you both decide is best, ensure you include cardio and resistance exercises into your keep fit routine to keep you strong and your bones as healthy as possible.

  5. Find ways to conquer stress or be more resilient to it.

  6. Set a goal this month to see a HRT doctor, if you are interested in using this medication. If you can't take it, see what other options are open to you.

  7. Log your symptoms as they may not stop for 7 years into post menopause. Before you go to any professional to get help always know the ones causing you the most distress right now.

  8. Don't let negative thoughts like; life has passed you by or you're an auld fogie, or it's too late to keep chasing doable dreams.

  9. Be sure to build self care rituals to nurture you

  10. Feed your soul with motivation to flourish in what can be an exciting time

Setting Yourself up for Success

Creating nutrition and lifestyle practices and routines are essential to set you up for success. This could include, winding down rituals, prep nourishing meals to fuel you up for your hectic life, meditating while your transdermal gel dries, or prep for your menopause appointment that’s looming. Once you've a base set up ensure you regularly review it and make changes where necessary. All your practices, nourishing and nurturing habits should work for you. So with reviewing you are consistently keeping up to date with that your body and soul need to thrive.

It's about creating impactful routines and rituals that fill in the missing strands to help you thrive and enjoy this exciting phase of your life. Gone are the days you should step back, give up your career and step into retirement, unless you want to that is.

Whatever it is, I'm like your nutrition and lifestyle buddy that can help get your nutrition and lifestyle routines playing at their A-game so you shine.

Time to get roaring! It’s time to prioritise you and what you need to shine. 

Does this resonate?

If it does, grab a free 30 minute session with me and let's chat about how I can help you.

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