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World Menopause Day 18 October 2020

world menopause day 2020

Happy World Menopause Day! Whatever stage you are at, peri-menopausal, just found out you've reached menopause or are post menopausal, this day is for you and those close to you who have helped you along the way. A virtual hug from me too.

I'm spending it with my hubby who stood by me through the worst of it and the rest, when I was being ignored elsewhere. We didn't know what was up with me but he kept believing I could get back to myself again!

The theme this year is POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency) which occurs in women before age 40. A very special heartfelt virtual hug to all of you and your partners.

Also as the video below shows different gender identities can experience hormonal changes too besides those recognising themselves as female, so again another virtual hug to you. I don't want anyone to suffer what I did and not get the help they deserve and need.

Attached is a link to an informative video and close to my heart as it is about "Let's talk about menopause". I often encourage chatting about menopause, even with most men I know. They are usually eager to know more so they can help their loved ones.

Let's talk about menopause

Wishing you all a fabulous day.

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