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What's next for you?

What's next for you in midlife & beyond

“The best part of life isn’t over yet. It’s just time to create a new focus other than your adult kids”

Quote from a post by the wonderful @bonniefittsartndesign on Instagram. On the post was a graphic of the traditional older couple. The post was how your life doesn’t end once your children have flown the nest. It’s time to focus on what you want more.

I agree with Bonnie. I'm amazed these days when I chat with other women and they are or are planning to retire from life not just their jobs. I'm only getting into my groove in my 50s and started my business in my 50s. I want a far better life than going to mass daily, doing the crossword and "living within my means", and waiting for people to knock on the door for company and which usually means getting by on a static income. But then I couldn't have children, or at least had a horrendous miscarriage, so I don't have that pull. My motivation is to enjoy my life and live it to its best and keep well and fit, I need the money for that! My graphic as a woman in her 50s would be me in @gympluscoffe or Lululemons, runners and dyed hair.

My question to you in midlife is “What next?”

If you need help you know where I am. If you need a kickstart to living your best midlife, stop struggling and explore how. You can do that by clicking the link in the bio and hop on my free 30 minute session and let’s chat. This chat can be a ‘health & energy’ review, wellness vision session, stress & sleep audit.

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