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What is Your menopausal goal for this month?

What is your menopausal goal this month?

It doesn't matter whether you are curious about menopause and feel you are about to start your own menopause transition, you are in perimenopause or post menopause, as a new month approaches ask yourself what is the one goal, routine or action you can take that is the most important right now, as you move into or through what can be the most exciting next chapter of your life. 

You might want to:

  • Book an appointment with your chosen menopause specialist GP that you've been putting on the long finger
  • Work with me to get your nutrition and lifestyle playing their A-game to help with easing of symptoms and nourishing you to thrive in the midst of menopause
  • Book a session with your GP to alleviate any worries on aches and pains and other symptoms that are taking the soul out of your life. It is important to ensure there is no other glaring issue, a GP can notice, that you may be missing besides your menopausal symptoms 
  • Visit your dentist to keep your teeth functioning and your mouth healthy as you age. You need to ensure that any health issues are sorted early so you can keep your taste buds savouring your food and your teeth munching delicious delights to nourish the fantastic person that is you
  • Set a morning / daily ritual that helps you smash that frazzle and be more focused and calm as you begin your day
  • Set a night time ritual to help you sleep better (rule out any sleep disorders etc that may be disrupting your sleep too)
  • Slot in some chill / rest and recharge time during the day that you've been crying out for, so you can ground yourself, plan what is realistic to achieve for the rest of the day. 

This is list is obviously not exhaustive, it's just to get your mind thinking of where to start. You know what you need more than anyone else.

Take One Step & Press the Pause Button

You just have to decide on one step. Take yourself away from the overwhelm and bombardment of menopausal do's and dont's and the horrors we are exposed of what menopause can look like and press the pause button

Make a list and pick at least one goal

Make a list of your symptoms and any other concerns you have. Write the effects they are having on your life. Then you can better decide what you have to do, who you need help from right now at this stage of your menopausal transition or post menopause journey.

Start with one goal you want to achieve this month and when ready move onto the next goal. If you've time and energy for more than do more. It took me a few years to book my first session with a menopausal GP, so some things can take time. Ensure that won't be you but don't worry if it is. These are huge decisions to make. I had been told by various medical staff that HRT was too dangerous for me and I wasn't to attempt to try it. So it was a huge decision to take the step to meet a menopause GP specialist. So go easy on yourself, work on what you can. Remember investigating and gathering the information that is now so freely available and make the decisions that will help you. 

Once you've picked your goal, write it down and the steps you need to take and go achieve it. 

As we say goodbye to last month, block off a couple of 15 minute chill-time slots in the next couple of days to rest and recharge, journal and pick the best next step for you on your menopause journey. I'm here if you want help with your nutrition and lifestyle mastery. 

It's time to be micro-ambitious for you

Stuck and don't know where to turn? Want help to get your nutrition and lifestyle on their A-game for menopause? You're in the right place.

It could be you need help creating routines to:

  • a sleep audit as your sleep hygiene has gone awry o
  • take "chill"/rest and recharge slots in your day,
  • create a vision and plan for your life, or
  • get your nutrition and lifestyle playing their A-game for you 
  • create a vision of how to feel fabulous and create your best life on your menopause journey.

then check out how you can work with me

If you are struggling with getting to grips with the likes of these and you want my help to feel more like you again and live your best life, then check out how you can work with me and let's get started. 

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