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Time out is the WORK

Time out is the work

Are you taking time out to rest and recharge this summer?

Well I don’t know about you but I’m certainly taking the summer as it comes. This year it means taking a digital and life detox every chance I get. Yes it does feel real good.

Last year I was on a business course and at the end of it the tutor hoped we’d all take enough holidays (rest and relaxation) to set ourselves up for the year ahead. I took a week away and didn’t enjoy it as the hotel wasn’t as compliant as they should’ve been with the restrictions. I did take another week off and stayed home, which was wonderful.

I promised myself then that this year I would take as many as I could. So far it’s been a month. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

You may have heard that rest is the work. It’s knowing that resting, nourishing and feeling nurtured is vital to our wellbeing and in turn is beneficial for our work and business. As menopausal women it is even more important we act on this and ensure we get rest we need to thrive. There is enough going on with our hormones and the resulting symptoms in this life stage.

Three of the weeks above were staycations, literally from home. I just ensured I treated it as a holiday and stayed out of the house, even if just in the garden (during the heatwave) or travelling to my favourite places. It took a year to heed the advice but I’m glad I ensured I did this year.

Are you getting enough restful holidays this year? If not what can you do to achieve more? Don’t make the mistake I made and regret so much as winter and lockdown’s crept in last year.

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