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St Valentine's Day Coconut, Date & Almond Hearts

St Valentine's Day Coconut Date & Almond Hearts
St Valentine's Day Coconut, Date & Almond Hearts
50g soft Medjool dates
50g Nuzest Protein Powder (strawberry or cappucino)
50g dessicated coconut
60g shelled almond butter (it's white and if you can't find it cashew nut butter should work)
35g soft coconut oil, or coconut oil melted and left to cool down completely
2 (35g) packs of Dr Coys Mint or Coconut Chocolate bars.
Optional: 4 freeze-dried strawberry slices
Pulse all the ingredients, except the chocolate, until they start to break down in a food processor. When broken down whizz at high speed until and the mixture is a slightly wet (or sticky) consistency. 
Flatten out into a rectangular shape on a parchment lined baking tray. 
Using a small heart shaped cutter cut out 5 hearts. Ensure they are thick as as this makes them easier to carefully move them. 
Meanwhile melt the chocolate in a bon marie. 
Coat 3 of the hearts with the melted chocolate and drizzle the rest. 
I use this chocolate bar as it doesn't give sugar spikes so lessening the sugar impact in this tasty treat. 
If using the strawberry protein powder then I sprinkled the top with crushed freeze-dried strawberries. The cappauccino flavour is so delicious too. 
There is some of the mix leftover. I just keep reshaping into a smaller rectangle until it is all used up.I turn the last bit into a protein ball as it was too thin a love heart to use. When too thin they just break too much, I froze the excess without the chocolate coating as I don't want to be tempted. I can no longer over indulge in sugar and there is too much temptation on St. Valentine's Day. 

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