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Pantry Tip: Freezing Avocado with Lime Juice

Freezing avocaco

Avocado can be a costly & wasteful purchase. If you only use a quarter at a time, the best option is to freeze the rest.

The best way to do this I find is to mash up an avocado using a fork, then squeeze the juice of 1/2 to 1 lime on then mash up again to combine.

The lime juice helps the avocado stay looking fresh & green. It fades a bit which means I use it up in smoothies for up to 10 days.

I freeze the avocado & lime juice mix, which has been spread out on parchment paper, using a fork to leave gaps throughout. This makes it easier to break up into portions.

Place in the freezer and when frozen, break off portion sized chunks and store in a suitable container. When needed just pull out a piece and throw into say a smoothie. I use these for smoothies. 

An option if your hands are too sore to mash up the avocado is to whizz up the avocado & lime juice in a mini food processor. It’s smoother which looks great.

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