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How to know you're ready to work with me

5 reasons to work with me in my 1:1 programme called Nurture

    Instead of searching Dr Google for answers, when you work with me 1:1 we deep dive into where you are at and what changes you'd like to see. Then we set goals and I help you to reach them or at least set a good framework around the right next steps for you. This could be working alongside a CBT coach, Menopause Specialist doctor, Counsellor, Physiotherapist, Exercise Psyiologist and your own GP. It all depends on what you need to help you move forward on your journey to thrive and create a life you jump out of bed each morning and grab the day with gusto. 

    The 'Nurture' programme is spread over ten weeks. We work through my 3 Core Pillars; (1) Nourish, (2) Lifestyle, (3) Accountability to help you move forward.

    How do you know it's time to work with me? You're ready if

    • Overwhelmed by the vast amount of information on menopause
    • Tired of searching Dr Google for answers to your perimenopause/post menopause questions
    • Ready to make your diet and lifestyle work for you
    • Want to get take back control of your perimenopause symptoms
    • Ready to upgrade your midlife and beyond to live life on your terms
    • Ready to create bespoke routines to master your midlife & beyond 

    I've some exciting news! There is  a €30 discount until 30 November 2022 on my ten week 'Nurture programme only.

    So, if you're ready there is a €30 discount from the price of the 'Nurture' programme right up to the 30th November 2022. 

      Grab a free 30 minute call with me to chat and ensure this is the right programme for you and see are we the right match to help you soar and thrive.

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