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It's great to be back at last, after months of recovery from serious illness

It's great to be back at long last, after months of recovery from serious illness!
Hi, I'm back finally from serious illness! What a journey it’s been to reach this wellness target. Though, if I’d been looked after properly by GPs I’d never have had to suffer, or miss out on, so much. I’m on the mend which is the most important thing.

Thankfully, after an arduous journey of medical work, and healing I'm back in the best form I've been in years. I see even more now how ill I was and only dismissed by GPs.

I've another complex procedure this month. The hope is I'll finally be back to optimal eating and health later this year.

There is a worry for my kidney transplant as it took a bashing with all this, my renal team, Tony and myself are hopeful she'll get stronger than ever before. She is back to holding steady.

I’ve a whole new perspective and determination to help myself and other woman thrive in post menopause. Yes there'll be challenges but there is so many opportunities worth being at your best to savour.

I'm near completion of a podcast episode to explain my journey to wellness from being internally bleeding for years, having a methanogen overgrowth in my gut and being so sick I could barely eat, sleep or function. It was no life really.

I’ll let you know what’s happening in Marian Hearne Nutrition with my next few posts. I’m all about helping you to empower your post menopause journey, ignite your energy, fuel your body, nurture your life to thrive boldly!
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It's great to be alive.
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