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Finding you again in menopause webinar happening soon!

Webinar 'finding you again in menopause' is happening soon!

Hi, it's me, your friendly midlife nutritional therapist! I'm here, reminding you that I'm passionate about helping you manoeuvre your way through the menopause transition and beyond. To supercharge your nutrition and lifestyle so they play their A-game. All to help you to thrive in this, what can be, a very exciting next life chapter. My fervent hope is you'll feel empowered to find you again and thrive. It's what gets me jumping up out of bed in the morning, and I want the same for you.  

My heart breaks when I hear of the varied symptoms you experience. Whether it is being drenched from hot flushes as you try to work and needing to change clothes or good quality sleep eludes you. As you juggle life and symptoms you are bottom of your priority list as have no time for you and feel exhausted at the end of the day. Heartbreakingly, it's too late to have children and you have to deal with being childless, whether from illness or circumstance.

And if that's not enough, you could be bickering with your partner, snapping at everyone, sandwiched between caring for elderly parents and rearing your children, be a full-time carer or a stay-at-home mum. You can be at the end of your tether feeling 'menopausy’ have aches, pains and yearning to feel more like you again. You’ve even no headspace for meeting up with friends, not only because you're tired but all the chat is on menopause. Your symptoms could be different or worse than theirs and you feel alone, and hate it. 

I'm running a webinar in the next few weeks with some of my top essential practical steps you can start right away to help find you again and get back in the driver's seat of you life. 

Would you be interested in coming along?

Let me know the one nutrition or lifestyle routine you'd like me to get essential first steps to start on in this webinar when it comes to getting back in the driver's seat of your life and feel empowered in the menopause transition and beyond. Once I hear from you I'll get cracking on putting it together.

Don't forget you can email me with your suggestions and burning questions you want answered, if you'd prefer not to leave them in the comments below. 

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