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Early Menarche, Childlessness and Early or Premature Menopause

Early Menarche Childlessness Early & Premature Menopause Early menarche = first period = start of menstruation

Childlessness = reaching post menopause without giving birth = nulliparous

A 2017 study (Mishra et al) of 51,450 postmenopausal women looked at the relationship between early menarche, childlessness and the timing of early and premature natural menopause.

It showed that early menarche is a risk factor for premature and early menopause. The risk is increased if you include childlessness into the mix. 

They suggest the usefulness of monitoring women who began menstruation at 11 or younger and especially those who go through life childless. The purpose they suggest is to provide the right help to mitigate any negative health effects that can arise due to early or premature menopause for these wonderful women. 

Do you think that'll happen by the medical profession?

Given the limited resources and time pressured medical staff I doubt it. Thankfully though I'm hopeful, as menopause awareness is gaining traction, that younger women will get the help I and others were denied so they don't have to go through what I and many other women like me have had to endure. 

As an early menarche and nulliparous woman I've found it is necessary to take action myself to optimise negative effects as much as possible and in the last few years I've medics who are taking care of me as well so things are looking even rosier. 

Are you ready 

  • to take control of your health and life 
  • Gain more calm and focus so your live life on your terms
  • Work with your medical team to mitigate adverse health effects 
  • Nurture and nourish yourself to optimise bone health, practice self care learn to love myself and take care of your needs
  • Find your purpose, joy and value as a childless women in this world that wants to push us aside and ignore us
  • Have a midlife that is real GOOD

Then let's make it happen. 

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