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Bone density and why it is important for the future health of your bones

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Are you looking after your bone health? Have you had your DEXA/DXA scan and know your T & Z scores?

On the roller coaster of your menopause journey it is so easy to forget your hardworking skeleton. Yes you've so many symptoms why do you need to add another one? Or are you sailing through the menopause so why bother?

It doesn't matter what age you are, minding your bones is essential for future health. However, being a 35+ female and/or menopausal only increases the importance and if ignored the risk of bone diseases such as osteoporosis may be increased.

Osteoporosis, is known as The Silent Killer, as you usually only find out when you break a bone.

It is estimated that • 300,000 Irish people have it *
• Only 15% of them diagnosed*

Healthy bones are strong, dense, function well and don't fracture easily

Bones are becoming less dense. You can still fracture with osteopenia and the risk is higher when it is moderate to marked osteopenia*

Osteoporosis is where bones are porous (brittle). There is impaired functionality and high risk of fractures.

A DEXA scan is the test to check the status of your bone density. It doesn't measure fracture risk.

How you woken up to the importance of your bone health? Are you taking sufficient steps to know your scores and take the necessary action? Have you chatted about your bone health with your doctor and asked all the questions you're worried about? Have you discussed with your physiotherapist about strength and resistance exercises?

Are you looking for more bone-friendly nutritious foods, recipes and lifestyle hacks. Does this resonate with you and you're ready to take action? Then get in touch with me or go straight to book a discovery call with me. 

Your bones are in your hands and you're so worth a strong skeleton to see you into your menopause and beyond.

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