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5 ways to find you again in menopause

5 ways to find yourself again in menopause

Overwhelm in midlife can happen while you juggle menopausal symptoms and live your life. Sometimes it's no wonder inaction can set in and you feel hampered to feel more like you again or know the next steps in order to thrive.

Starting with a simple list, like above, is a useful way to decipher your next first step. Your list could contain goals like

  • make a list of your symptoms, as this is a great way to pinpoint ones causing your the most distress
  • book an appointment with a menopause specialist, as they can take six months for an appointment to be available
  • prep for your doctor's visit, as always best to save time and know what the result you want from the visit
  • start future-proofing your wellness, what works for you 
  • lay foundations on nourishing yourself for this stage of life, make your self care a top priority and discover what does it take to nurture you (sleep, stress resilience, creating purpose...)
Take some time out, even regular 15 minute sessions. See what is your next step to move forward to help you take back control and thrive and shine in this new exciting chapter of your life. Review regularly and set your next goal. 

    Start small, be consistent as you move forward  Your midlife and beyond journey is in your hands, create a midlife and beyond you jump out of bed to live in, no matter what age you are. 

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