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Why are struggling with feeling fabulous in menopause?

Why are you struggling with feeling fabulous in menopause?


There can be many reasons for this and these 5 reasons can steal your success unbeknownst to yourself. Let’s take a look:

Juggling to meet everyone’s needs as you slip down your priority list? Is this you? How are you going to feel fab if you’ve no time for self care, re-energising and recharging?

Eating mostly junk food, this can easily happen juggling midlife demands including the menopausal symptoms. Eating nourishing food and eliminating your trigger foods helps.

❌ Being bombarded with excess menopause negativity. Listen to the content and advice that helps you with your symptoms, not to the trauma of others , especially if it terrifies you and you end up expecting worse symptoms than you have. Your first priority is to help you.

❌ Feeling life has passed you by and it’s too late to pursue your dreams? I’m like a kettle boiling over with steam splashing all over the place with this one. I started my wellness business in my 50s, so never stop believing in your ability and right to thrive. Yes there are some dreams lost but taking time out to see what you want to do and how you want this new exciting phase to look is so inspirational and empowering for you.

Looking for the quick fix. It’s taken a few decades, usually, to reach this stage of your life. There are bound to be a few wrinkles (not the facial ones) that have crept into your life. So it can take a bit of effort and time to create a vision, set goals to make changes to your lifestyle and nutrition and aim for the achievement of these. This takes time. Make time for you.

Are you ready to feel fabulous? Let’s start your journey. Download my ebook: ‘Fabulously You: 3 steps to feel fab in menopause even if the midlife juggle as you in a spin”.

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