Time for a Midlife Reset?

Time for a Midlife Reset?

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 Time for a midlife reset!

Do you struggle with any of these?

  • having a pantry & lifestyle that nourishes and nutures you

  • ability to master stress, so it works for you 

  • how to make easy healthier & nourishing swaps to meals / snacks / drinks?

  • include more plantbased meals but unsure where to start?

  • need help on achieving a healthier lifestyle and not sure what that means for you or where to start

  • do you want support to change your lifestyle habits and make them more beneficial to you?

  • Need help to set realistic and achievable yet fun health goals

  • Or maybe another nutrition or lifestyle change that you want help to succeed with
Through a series of questionnaires targeted to the goals you outline, I will guide guide you on manageable changes to your eating and lifestyle habits to set you on your journey to a healthier and happier You to help you flourish at your optimum. 

    30 Minute Discovery Call 
    (Tuesday or Friday mornings)

    If interested in any of the nutrition services and would like to discuss further feel free to arrange a no obligations 30-minute call for Eur25. Included in this call are some nutrition and lifestyle tips to get your started. If you'd like more I will help you choose from any of my services that suit you best.  

    If you do choose to buy one of the other services then the Eur25 for the discovery call will be deducted from the price of the chosen service. This deduction is only applicable on one service booked and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. There is no refund otherwise. 
    Book a discovery call with Marian Hearne Nutrition

    Alternatively, you can pay here and call me to book a suitable time on a Tuesday or Friday.  For more information or to book a consultation call 087 2419646.  

    My clinic is based in South Dublin (Pembroke Street, Dublin) or via Zoom

    Who is it for?

    Anyone whose eating and lifestyle habits need a bit of a "tune-up" to get back on their health track and goals in order to flourish

    What is Included?

    • Pre-Session Questionnaires:
      Complete a set of questionnaires targeted to your needs so I can help create a bespoke plan with you on our 1:1 session.  
      These must be completed and returned a 3-4 days before our 1:1 session.

    • 1:1 Session (60 minute)
      Together we determine what are your triggers points. We set a plan together to help you create targeted lifestyle and nutrition plan goals with achievable deadlines. 

    • Personalised Roadmap Summary:
      This includes nutrition, lifestyle, supplement and testing recommendations so you can start taking action quickly.
    • Follow-Up Email check-in
    Optional Testing (Additional charges, dependent on tests required):

    Testing may be necessary but is entirely optional. First we look at optimising nutrition and lifestyle and if we feel testing will help then I will suggest appropriate tests. I will suggest these if moving forward is being hampered and we need to dig deeper than just nutriton and lifestyle.

    Educate & Nourish Your Whole Self & Feel Empowered to live Your Best Life.

    Make Healthier Habits part of your life.
    Start small and aim Big

    In order not to be charged in full you must give 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointment 24 hours before scheduled appointment.