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PeriMenopause Starter Toolkit - Time to press the reset on your perimenopause!

PeriMenopause Starter Toolkit - Time to press the reset on your perimenopause!

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There couldn't be a better time to press the reset button on your peri menopause or post menopausal symptoms then right now... 

In this 10 week programme we dive into areas you want to focus on. I help you see how you can improve sleep, stress less, eat to nourish the midlife you and targeted lifestyle tips to help you feel restored and more like yourself again. 

At the first session we will create a nutrition and lifestyle roadmap targeted to help you towards achieving your midlife wellness goals. Review sessions during the 10 weeks help you to keep on track. In those we check how you got on, update and amend the plan where needed and set goals to achieve for the next review. 

Time to press the reset button on your menopause? 

I see you struggling with perimenopausal or post menopausal issues. All in all feeling "menopausy" and not sure what to do or where to start. You have a list of symptoms as long as your arm which could include:- 

  • being overwhelmed with all the conflicting nutrition and lifestyle information bombarded at you daily by conversations with friends, social media or in the news
  • hot flushes have you drained
  • fluctuating mood swings that are testing your marriage
  • tired of waking up at night due to night sweats
  • exhausted from sleepless nights due to aching joints, pain all over
  • crippling anxiousness or stress that keeps you awake at night and on edge during the day
  • Can't cook, shop as these are so difficult. You have resorted to doing mini shop runs as you have no energy to do a full family shop.
  • you see yourself losing strength or getting other bone and joint issues
  • your stomach is so sore you're skipping meals or eating rubbish
  • you want support as all you're getting is you're stressed, get over yourself.
  • your mouth can burn or be so dry
  • your so sick and tired of people telling you there is nothing wrong with you
  • & so more.....after all there are at least 34 symptoms of menopause 


"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are at and change the ending". C.S. Lewis



In this 10 week programme  we tool you up with a solid foundation to work from. 

Take the first step and book you complimentary session and let's get started on your midlife journey.  

Learn how to master the basics and build healthful choices that work for you and your midlife?

Are you ready to take the first steps to start feeling more like yourself again? 

Book your complimentary 30 minute "Midlife Transformation Kickstart" session and explore how ...👇


Make Healthy Habits part of your life. 
Start small and aim Big

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