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3 steps to feel fabulous in menopause even if the midlife juggle has you in a spin

3 steps to feel fabulous in menopause even if the midlife juggle has you in a spin

When you’ve been juggling perimenopause or post menopause symptoms for a while, your self esteem and self confidence may have taken a nose dive. 

Feeling fabulous and reaching life goals may get lost as you pretty much put your midlife journey on hold juggling these symptoms.

And this is holding you back from...

  • Going for that dream promotion at work
  • Setting up your dream business
  • Enjoying fun holidays with family or friends
  • Loving your life as it is right now yet feeling motivated to work on creating the life of your dreams
  • Being empowered to make space for you and your needs so the real you is shining through
Menopause can rob you of self esteem and self confidence along with other symptoms, which may be difficult to fend off.

    Creating your very own toolkit, featuring simple habits that help you to be your fabulous self is a must do. But you might be held back by the idea that your time has come and gone. Let's be clear, you are never too old to feel fabulous and live life on your terms. 

    If you’ve caught yourself saying, ‘everything will be perfect when...' it's time to realise that your time is now. 

    It’s time to prioritise fabulous you and make it happen.

    To feel fabulous, you need to:

      1. Create a vision: 
        You can't have the midlife and the post menopause you want if you haven't decided what you want them to look like. 

      2. Set achievable and flexible goals: 
        Midlife is full of surprises with the onslaught of menopause symptoms, changes to your life and, as I was told recently, deal with getting a bit frayed around the edges at this life stage.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting, no matter how strong and resilient you've been up to now.

        Setting achievable and flexible goals that motivate you to navigate your midlife journey may seem unrealistic, but you deserve to live midlife and post menopause on your terms.

      3. Build your "Fabulously YOU" toolkit:
        Use this toolkit to build your own set of tools that work for you to help you feel fabulous.  

    You may think these 3 steps are too much of a challenge to face on your own right now. This is why the fabulously you toolkit exists: to make this as fun and easy as possible and help you to start building your own fabulously you toolkit for midlife and beyond. Really, this is possible!

    Discover your most fabulous self today. Join the fabulous community and get access to the Fabulous You toolkit straight away.