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World Mental Health Day 2020

world mental health day 2020

Today, 20 October 2020 marks World Mental Health Day. 

Please if you are having any issues, no matter how large or small seek and get the help you need. You and your life are precious and have so much good to offer. 

The 2 most important things to do is chat it over with a loved one or a close friend who understands. Then if you need it seek help, starting with your general practitioner doctor, they will help and direct you, if necessary, to the help you need most.  

Here are some links that may help you too:- 

And remember there are people with worse and better life stories. I have been sexually abused as a child, luckily escaped an asshole as he tried to bring me into an unused building. I was bullied, belittled, lost my kidneys, lost our chance to have a baby and nearly died in the process. The horrors from my childhood still keep me awake some nights. I've learned the tools to help me manage the hurt and trauma that I still suffer today. It's a mystery to me how I can still see the faces of the two assholes above that tried to ruin me sexually (and probably would've done worse) yet others faces are a mere memory. Only in the last 10 years, I've lost so much muscle mass due to menopause. It has taken me years to get back as healthy as I am, with more work to do. 

My life hasn't been a joy, mostly it was one shit storm after another, but the best bits ooh are amazing. Value you, you are amazing too. 

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