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Why work with me?

why work with Marian Hearne

Have you ever met a nutritional professional like myself and invariably felt the need to apologise

  • for putting marshmallows in your hot chocolate, 
  • or eating an energy bar, chocolate, cake with cream, while I'm sitting there with my energy bar too

or with a guilty expression spout "I don't normally eat this, but..."

    There is no need to do this, most often than not you need to make a few tweaks. I'm all for small changes and aim for big improvements. 

    I am not here to dictate or restrict your eating to within an inch of removing all deliciousness from your life, with the excuse it's healthy. 

    My aim is to help you flourish. It is about enjoyment, fun and small tweaks to your nutrition and lifestyle where needed.  One step at a time to pack in more nutrients to help you. 

    My different services serve different purposes. They all focus on helping you master your menopause by finding inner calm in the chaos. I’ll show you how to nourish yourself, restock your pantry for midlife. Plus provide self-care tools to nurture and prioritise you so you can flourish in menopause, the rest of midlife and beyond. I'm like an online "buddy" helping you along. 

    I also started running nutrition masterclasses. Each one focuses on a topic and includes recipes. 

    If you are on the fence whether tor not to take the first steps with me then that is good, welcome and enjoy being. I'm delighted you are here too. If you are interested, then check out my available slots and book in for a strategy call and let's get started. You can do this on my 'Book a call' page. You'll find it here 

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