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Why my masterclass is better than a Google search

Why my masterclass is better than a Google search

SLEEP IS A HUGE ISSUE FOR MIDLIFE WOMEN and my recent poll on my Instagram account agrees. I doubt most women and their partners would argue with that.

I expect you use search engines for answers. I love using Google, it's a fantastic search engine. I've discovered so much useful information and I'd definitely be lost without it. I'd hate to go back to when I was a young adult and Google wasn't even a twinkle in some creator's eye.

This morning I did a Google search on sleep, perimenopause and menopause. Looking at the search results even I was overwhelmed with the bombardment of sleep issues during this time in our lives. 

What I'm concerned about is there was a plethora of information on the subject. From the 

  • best sleeping pills for menopause
  • sleep difficulties 
  • insomnia in perimenopause 
  • perimenopause, menopause and anxiety
  • what organ is cleansing at 2am
  • can perimenopause affect sleep
  • sleep treatments
  • perimeopause insomnia natural remedies
  • and the rest...

Is it any wonder women, in the throes of symptoms, are overwhelmed as they desperately search for answers. The information is all encompassing, as it's aim (I think from using it) is to show you as much information on the subject in an effort for you to find the solution to your problem. If it's helping you great, but if this leaves you experimenting with every solution under the sun with no or little change or being overwhelmed then, not so helpful. 

STOP for a minute and note do you actually know the causes of your sleep problems. Do you know what your sleep problems are. Do you actually have sleep problems.

In my masterclass I'll have you, with your pen and paper, delving a lot more deeply than a search engine at helping you find solutions or next steps on your search for answers. Yes I'll be getting you to work in this masterclass  Remember though that finding solutions to sleep issues is a multi-faceted approach. 

That is why I'm hosting this FREE one hour masterclass where I'll be sharing tips on two of my favourite topics;

  • Winding down to sleep
  • How to pinpoint the nutrition loophole robbing you of energy that is hampering your steps to thrive in midlife and beyond.

The webinar happens Wednesday, 2nd November 2022, live on Zoom. 

This webinar will be fully interactive so this is your chance to ask me questions and pick my brains. Yes, I'll have you working too!

Will I see you at the webinar? Because there's a seat with your name on it. 

Sign up now and even if you can't make it live you'll be sent a replay to watch back in your own time (masterclass available for a month after the event). 

Love, Marian x

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