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Tofu, beetroot & almond butter sandwich

Tofu, beetroot & almond sandwich, easy lunch

Just had to share this sandwich. I’m taking it so easy I wanted something just as easy for lunch.

I’ve seen other wonderful people add nut butter to their sandwiches but I had no intention of adding it to any of my lunches. Thrilled I opted to add it in today.

It's hard to do a recipe on this as I wouldn't measure everything out.

I fried some sliced fermented tofu. While that was frying and in between me turning it over regularly so all sides get a light brown colour, I spread a thin layer of vegan mayonnaise on 2 slices of BeFree wholegrain sourdough. Then spread nut butter on top. Sprinkled some rocket and sliced cooked beetroot on that slice, then added the tofu. Squashed down the second slice of bread on top of them and dug in. The almond butter is a game changer. It adds so much flavour. Worth a try❤️ Hope you’re having a relaxing St Patrick’s day.

If you'd prefer a complete recipe or a video let me know and I'll do them up.

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