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Take time out to prioritise you in menopause

October: Menopause Month - Take time out to put You first



October: Perfect month to take out time for you

As October approaches and we head into Menopause Month it is the perfect time, if you haven't done so already, to make space for you and put YOU top of your list of priorities. To cater for your needs for a change. A great starting point is to use that space to;

  1. Take stock of where you are at with symptoms, what you eat, anxiety, sleep...
  2. Assess where you'd like to be
  3. Set your goals to future-proof this wonderful stage of your life
  4. Take the first steps to action your future proofing and goals for living your best life, then go from there. That first step could be to set up an impactful winding down routine to help you sleep. 

Setting Yourself up for Success

One way of viewing midlife and beyond is to treat them like a jigsaw puzzle or a tapestry with all the various strands. Two of the major strands are food and lifestyle. Others include making your decision to use HRT or not, what exercise suits your lifestyle and your needs to be fit, strong and keep your bones and muscles  healthy. The list should be targeted to what you need to thrive during this time. 

Nutrition & lifestyle Routines 

I’m a huge fan of nutrition and lifestyle routines that set you up for success. This could include, winding down rituals, prep meals to fuel you up for your hectic life, meditating while your transdermal gel dries or prep for your GP appointment that’s looming and then to monitor changes. It's about creating impactful routines and rituals that fill in the missing strands to help you thrive and enjoy this exciting phase of your life. Gone are the days you should step back, give up your career and step into retirement, unless you want to that is.

Whatever it is, I'm like your nutrition and lifestyle buddy that can help get your nutrition and lifestyle routines playing at their A-game so you shine.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be reminding you of my useful blog posts, my fantastic resources to get you started and lots of information on how to make your midlife journey your best years yet.

Grab my resources:

Here are links to my free ebooks (1) 15 ways to get your calm on in menopause and (2) How to feel fabulous even if the midlife juggle has you in a spin

It’s time to prioritise you and what you need to shine. 

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