Stages in menopause

stages of menopause


It is the stage in a woman's life when she is no longer menstruating and as such reaches the end of her child bearing years. When a woman has not menstruated for 12 consecutive months this is natural menopause. The time of menopause is changing and although there was a time it happened in your middle 50s, now it is supposed to be 51 but it can happen in your 30s & 40s. 

This is the Transition or Climacteric time. It is the period between post menopause and your childbearing years. Although your periods (menstrual cycle) are still present they are irregular. Plus menopausal symptoms are present. Yes you can still get pregnant during this time. 

The time after menopause has occurred, starting when a woman has not had a period for 12 consecutive months with a natural menopause. This time may be extended to 2 years depending on when you become post menopause.  

Premature ovarian insufficiency
This is the term when your menopause occurs before 40 years of age.The reasons could be due to a medical condition or treatment. It is also called premature ovarian failure or premature menopause or ovarian insufficiency. 

If you want want help with your hormones insufficiency please contact your medical practitioner or registered Menopause Specialist. 

Also I can help you with the menopause journey with nutrition, sleep, stress, bone and any lifestyle changes you need support with. 

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