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Self care routine in menopause

Self care routine in menopause

I often chat with you all about self-care in menopause. The routine I use below is taken from my graphic in the article on '"Menopause: Simple Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist". I'm all for changing the narrative around menopause.

The Third Age is a wonderfully exciting time, once you learn to manage and take control fo the symptoms and your health. It's like a second chance to live your life on your terms, well most of the time and once you've learned to manage the symptoms of peri-menopause or post menopause if they are moderate to severe!

Let's dive in!

Self - Care Routine
M = Mind yourself appropriately

E = End the toxicity in your nutrition & life

N = Nourish and nurture yourself

O = Observe your pitfalls and build tools to address them and help you flourish

P = Plan for the changes needed

A = Accountability to yourself for your actions. Align with a buddy and help each other track and reach both your wellness goals

U = Understand that at times you need to rest, tool up on tips and hacks to help you flourish

S = Stand tall - some people never make it this far

E = Environment is vital - create one that supports you

Does this resonate with you? If you want support with setting up tools to help you in these areas checkout my services and see how we can work together

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