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The Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercises for Menopausal Women

Pelvic Floor Exercises Importance in Menopause

We have the ladies who lunch and then there’s the ladies who leak. I hope I don’t lose all the men here on this topic but remember knowing what to do could help another woman. Plus it can happen to men too. It’s a problem after childbirth and when the menopause strikes you have that to look forward to!!

Even Tony when I explained to him he said. “Christ do ye get a break”. I saw a TV advert after lunch a few weeks back and it was normalising leaking. Just wear a pad as leaking is normal. when I can tell you if I can’t bear a child then I don’t want them for the rest of my life. I put up with them for my menstrual cycle but hell no. 

Most women can get it under control or even prevent it happening or get the help they need if leaking is a problem.

As a preventative measure I have started to attend one of the female physios in the same clinic as the male physio who I rely on for fitness & strength. It’s easier to laugh & giggle together.

If you are 35 or over and are in early stages of menopause (perimenopause) or are post menopause then add this to your to do list for menopause wellness. Future proofing your wellness really and hopefully preventing a highly embarrassing issue taking over your life. Oh, and if you need me to help with nutrition and lifestyle tweaks DM me. Look after yourself, cos as another advert says, “you’re worth it”.

As well as tightening your pelvic floor muscle it is also important to be able to relax them to. 

Your physiotherapist will help you with all this, ensure they have the appropriate training. 

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