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Pain in Thumbs & the Exercise Approach

Pain in the thumbs, what might be worth considering for yourself.

I started to use this 'workout' for my thumbs on Friday, 12 October 2018.  

As you most likely know one of the first ports of call for a doc are anti-inflammatories when pain is mentioned.

As with my leg pain, I couldn’t take those medications. So this time for the thumbs my wonderful doc ordered x-rays & found I have a small amt of arthritis in my thumbs. He suggested exercise as the meds’ were off limits, so off I trotted to my physio to hatch a plan!! Thankfully 😅 the rest of my hands are working pretty well given all the resistance & strength training over the last 2 years, but the thumbs have failed to thrive.

It means that my darling hubby is stuck with a lot of the prep for dinner. I drop plates, cups etc as the grip can completely go at times. Writing is so sore, pressing a doorbell mightn’t be strong enough to ring for people to hear. The hands tire easily & my thumbs can ache so much I cry in agony, especially at night. I struggle with my thumb grip and strength. I struggle with opening my front door! As you can imagine getting it sorted means a lot.

The thumbs have lost a lot of muscle so we are beginning with only 1 daily exercise & building up to more. The aim is to build muscle around the base of the thumb which hopefully will bring more function & ease the pain as a result.

Although the exercises hurt the gains will be worth the agony now. A medication doesn’t always have to be the first port of call. The exercise approach will take longer but I’ll be stronger & my thumbs fitter. My hubby keeps telling me he’s going to buy me miniature dumbbells for my thumbs to practice with.

So I’m doing the exercises & at night I’m massaging Better You magnesium spray on my thumbs afterward each daily exercise.

Now let’s see does it work. 

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