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Nutritional & Lifestyle Cocoon Tips

Mission Cocoon consists of different tips, guides, recipes that I am using myself as I cocoon/embed in for the weeks ahead. I'll build on it as time passes. I hope you find it a useful tool also. 

Friday, 27 March 2020 Cocooning Began in Ireland

It was the news I hoped we wouldn't hear for a while. I remember being upset at being told on a Friday when it is usual to relax and let the week pass by and look forward to the weekend. I was shocked as there was no warning. Maybe it would've dawned on me if I spent longer thinking about the situation and expecting this. I suppose given the weekend before when the masses landed on parks and trails it was highly likely that to prevent such happening again last weekend that the government would announce more restrictions.

As I have a extreme medically vulnerable illness it meant that we had to reorganise what we do in terms of shopping, exercise and all that in a quick space of time. We had planned to walk up Killiney Hill and shop and feel a bit normal that weekend. Such things as get some paint so when we have more time we'd paint (well at least Tony would) at the free weekends during this virus outbreak. We took most of last weekend to get our heads in gear and the mindset in a happier place after the news.

I now use my headphones and play music and podcasts as I walk in the garden. Tony my husband collects the shopping as I continue to order everything by phone or online when needed. It's a pity too that the hardware shops have closed as when we do get a few weekends to ourselves it'd be nice to spruce up the house. Oh well, it's more important to keep safe and well and focus our energies on that.



As I mentioned earlier I'm having to cocoon as I'm an extremely medically vulnerable, so our small back garden is my walking trai or "garden trail. It's working I can do 6km and not get dizzy and hopefully. I do it in 2km or 3km stretches during the day and add in the steps around the house. I want to do this 4-5 days at leaste weekly. Plus we have an exercise regime from my phyio from the medical gym we attend. Our weights will arrive tomorrow so we can get the benefit of the exercises they prepared for their clients. I am really grateful for this as it means I have some hope of keeping a level of fitness, I hope it'll be enough to keep me near the level of fitnes I had gained by attending the gym in person for the last few years.  


Once you get the mindset in gear and pretend it's Christmas or Easter or the like it's easier to accept that you could be at home stuck in.

The fear of landing in a hospital or one of those facilities is enough of an incentive to keep me inside. It's a great time of the year to be stuck inside as you can open the windows and do a little "garden trail" walk. With the walk I'm including my favourite podcasts and music. Plus in the house we have set up routines and keep a break from work and leisure. It's limited but keeps us sane and feeling someway normal. Oh how I'd love to see the sea but I can look at the many photos I've taken and when I want to feel cosy (as I can't hug my hubby too much to keep the physical distancing in play) I turn on the fire video from Netflix and read a book or a good film. 

It takes a little work to set your mindset into a workable one for you but it can help with keeping you calm. 








If You Fancy a Tipple?

If you fancy a tipple then at least try to use these healthier tips and not overdo it as alcohol can weaken the immune system which is not ideal given you need it at it's best in this crisis. 

Find out more details on the Corona Virus in Ireland by checking out the above site. 

Check your own doctor's website and contact details for procedures on how you make contact.  

Migraine Ireland
Great tips in this blog post for migraine sufferers and helping them through the isolation of the virus. These tips are helpful for everyone too so definitely checking out. 

Aslan Coaching
A wonderfully kind lady, whose courses or 1:1s are worth checking out if you need to build up resiience in this challenging time.

Is holding online classes which are announced on their website and Instagram stories. 

Supports older people age well at home. It has a hot line for those needing help. 

Finian Falloon
Mind Yourself. Lockdown living: help for life during the Coronavirus crisis





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