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Midlife sucks, oh really? Or is it Ageism in disguise. Time to change the narrative

menopause sucks, oh really?I’m tired of midlife women telling me they are over the hill and that it’s time to step back. Or that somehow once you’re in midlife that you’re an old foggie, or your job, unpaid, is to help younger as they are your future!

Well I can tell you I’m my own future and I want to be able to work, play and live according to my rules and not have to be grateful for the measly pension that is forked out. 
I’ve heard and seen worse abuses happen because of age, or an older person’s job eroded away from them and given to a younger person.

HOLD on a minute. First off until you’re in the grave or have an illness that immobilises you and you are in a coma or you’ve lost your mind (to dementia) and the like then you have your own life that is worth living, regardless of age. If you agree with that then you also need a source of income to support that dream life.

At the very heart of it all it is AGEIST.

So if you are doing valuable work you must be paid accordingly. If you want respect from others than they must value your expertise, time and effort. Just cos you’re in midlife and older does not mean you and your worth are suddenly no longer of value.

No-one spends their life working on building their expertise only for it to be of less value because of a chronological age that they have no control over.

STOP stepping back and get your menopause, nutrition and lifestyle sorted. If you haven’t been able to live the life of your dreams then midlife is your SECOND CHANCE to reassess, see can you flip your career into a business, manage any health issues, nourish yourself properly, have a lifestyle that supports you and get living that dream life.

Does any of this resonate with you? I was there feeling lost and thinking I should step back but seeing as I didn’t get my chance to live my dream life when younger then stupid thought left as quick as it came in. I decided to step up to my life, will you?

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