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Menopause: Simple Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist

Menopause : Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist

This checklist is about starting to view menopause differently. It is a wonderfully exciting time, once you learn to manage and take control fo the symptoms and your health. It's like a second chance to live your life on your terms, well most of the time!

Tips & Hacks

  • Take stock
  • Make necessary changes
  • Set boundaries
  • Flourish optimally
  • Mindfully nourish
  • Mindfully live
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Exercise sufficiently 
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Stress less & learn to use breathwork techniques
  • Mind your bones

Self - Care Routine

MMind yourself appropriately

E = End the toxicity in your nutrition & life

N = Nourish and nurture yourself

O = Observe your pitfalls and build tools to address them and help you flourish

P = Plan for the changes needed

A = Accountability to yourself for your actions. Align with a buddy and help each
      other track and reach both your wellness goals

U = Understand that at times you need to rest, tool up on tips and hacks to help
       you flourish

S = Stand tall - some people never make it this far

E = Environment is vital - create one that supports you 

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