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Menopause: Simple Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist

Menopause : Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist

This checklist is about starting to view menopause differently. It is a wonderfully exciting time, once you learn to manage and take control fo the symptoms and your health. It's like a second chance to live your life on your terms, well most of the time!

Tips & Hacks

  • Take stock
  • Make necessary changes
  • Set boundaries
  • Flourish optimally
  • Mindfully nourish
  • Mindfully live
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Exercise sufficiently 
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Stress less & learn to use breathwork techniques
  • Mind your bones

Self - Care Routine

MMind yourself appropriately

E = End the toxicity in your nutrition & life

N = Nourish and nurture yourself

O = Observe your pitfalls and build tools to address them and help you flourish

P = Plan for the changes needed

A = Accountability to yourself for your actions. Align with a buddy and help each
      other track and reach both your wellness goals

U = Understand that at times you need to rest, tool up on tips and hacks to help
       you flourish

S = Stand tall - some people never make it this far

E = Environment is vital - create one that supports you 

If you would like help to manage your symptoms and wellness during midlife check out  

Not Sure Where To Start Or What To Do? 

Is this you? I help women like you navigate the menopause naturally, whether you are on HRT or not.

Whether you opt for one of my services such as the Menopause Starter Toolkit or the Menopause Accountability Package they are designed with self-care strategies and hacks to help you tool up and navigate the menopause naturally.

The Menopause Accountability Package is very much client-led to create your own roadmap to thrive, feel more like yourself and more in control as you journey through the menopause and beyond.

What are you doing to look after yourself during Menopause? 

If you want to get started on optimising your wellness nutrition and lifestyle goals for midlife it's easy. Book a 30 minute discovery call. The cost of this call will be taken off the cost of the Menopause Toolkit or Menopause: The Accountability Package or the Reset consultation if you choose to go further beyond the discovery call. 



Make Healthy Habits part of your life. 
Start small and aim Big


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