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Lets Talk Menopause

Lets Talk Menopause

Time to talk Menopause!

There’s a lot of talk and rightly so about menopause lately. From 35 I started asking docs could I be menopausal. I kept being fobbed off with I’m too young or it’s only stress or all my symptoms were because of my kidney transplant. You’re a sick woman so you have to put up with it!!! The list goes on. Basically I was just a nuisance. There wasn’t the plethora of information now available. Yes I knew I needed help but not knowing what the cause/root, I was guessing. I was grasping at fixing symptoms rather than managing the root cause.
One thing I did know that minus my periods for 2 years at 46 is the sign I was postmenopausal.

I kept asking and finally pushing for bloods tests that kept coming back that I hadn’t even started. It was a crazy & sad time as all I wanted was the right path to return to optimal wellness. 

Eventually when I was 47 I told the then GP I was postmenopausal. He nearly fell off the chair and told me I couldn’t. So, as a patient I had to firmly explain I was and if not give me another explanation. This is not good enough, now or then.

I’ve spent the last few years fixing the issues, muscle loss, aches & pains, brain fog, a new tiredness, anxiousness like no other, the list goes on) I don’t have the luxury of choice about whether to take HRT systemically (into my body) though that comes with its own risks. I have to find natural solutions. Now over 10 years post  menopausal in my mid-50s I've a wonderful doctor who has prescribed local HRT for the vagina. I still can't take it internally or on the skin but at least this small will help to prevent issues there. 

Please write a happier story for yourself. Get your facts, make choices & live your optimal Midlife & Future. You constantly have to adapt but it’s worth it.

If you’re peri or post meno get the help you deserve & don’t let let anyone fob you off.

Write a better Midlife that sets you up for an optimal wellness In Midlife & beyond.
I work with women approaching or are post menopause to start to feel more yourself again. 

See how I can help you with my Nutritional Services, the best first step is to book in a Discovery Call there and see are we are the right fit to help you optimise your midlife wellness. 

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Also check out my free resource: Menopause: Simple Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips & Hacks Checklist to get started. 

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