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I Proposed on 29TH February, He Didn't Say Yes!!

Leap Year Proposal 29 February Will You Marry Me?
Did you ever do this? - 29th February Proposal

If you haven't noticed by now I like to be a bit off the norm, helps keep me motivated. If I were to follow the crowd ooh I'd be so bored.

This leads nicely into a little trip down memory lane now that the 29th February is fast approaching. Hard to believe that the year is once again flying at a mental pace. I need to get running shoes to keep up with it. So onto the blackboard above. Yep I did it. Tony and myself were dating for 2 years and it all looked nicely poised that we'd either move in together (which was still a little taboo in those days so we'd be game for it on when we were ready) or get married. So as the 29th approached I couldn't let it go. It took a couple of weeks to plan. Luckily he tutored night classes so you've guessed it blackboard and chalk. On the night I snuck in early to what I thought was the room he was going to be lecturing in. I had planned to write, in HUGE letters, "Will You Marry Me?" but no chalk! Can you believe it but they had to bring their own, so I was stumped for a few minutes.

Then I had a brainwave, I hid down the corridor so he wouldn't see me. Just then, of all times, the nerves started to creep in?

Thoughts of "what if he's not ready", "what if he's two-timing me or just stringing me along til the right one comes". After a while I went up and knocked on the door. His big smiling face greeted me, Hurriedly I shyly pecked him on the cheek and said will you marry me and that we'd chat later. Then rushed off leaving him frozen to the floor.

You know my heart felt like it was pumping out through my head. I raced to his car for the second part of the plan with my sheet of paper. This read "Couldn't let 29th February go, hope you enjoyed it. Chat later x". Now listen I really had put in a lot of work but I got the jitters that I may have just gone too far. He didn't ring me that night, as was the norm, nor did he ring until the weekend. Remember folks this was the day of no mobile phones so couldn't send the few check-up text messages. I didn't want to ring to face the let down, so settled that he could be man enough to ring to call it off. For the week, though, I really thought I'd destroyed a good thing. On the Saturday night he rang to say he was on his way in for our date.

So me in my pjs did the quickest get ready for a woman in history. As it turned out their home phone was broken for the previous days and it had never dawned on him to contact me any other way- fellas eh?. We had a good laugh that night but we learned a valuable lesson, always keep communication lines open in a relationship. This rule has served us well over the years. So Tony didn't say yes to my 29th proposal, then again he didn't say no either. Three years later he did propose and we're an auld married couple today (but that's another story). It could easily have gone the other way. So if you're planning on proposing on 29th February best of luck.

If you're planning on popping the question make it a bit of fun if you're unsure what the answer will be. 

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