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Healing takes time - in for the long haul🎉❤️

Healing takes time - being in it for the long haul

In August 2017 I found out from one of the rudest, most unhelpful GPs I’ve had the displeasure to come across that I had osteopenia. This means my bones are not as dense as they should be for healthy bones. I was roughly about mid-range between healthy bones and full blown osteoporosis. There was no action to take or medication suggested. Well except to eat more dairy but I can’t do that. So that GP didn’t want to know.

My heart sank as I’d feared Osteoporosis might happen given the medications I’m on. I was gutted to say the least.

I was very ill and weak but in June 2017 I had joined a medical gym called Medfit in Blackrock, Co Dublin. I kept working on a food and supplement protocol I created for myself. I had severe gut issues too, affecting nutrient absorption. Bleak prospects but I decided to see the positive. First I wanted to check with my wonderful physical trainer (PhD researcher!) was I a lost cause. He smiled and said that result wasn’t going to stop me. He worked out an exercise plan around my result for me. It had to be adjusted now and then as I kept getting ill with other issues.
Last year in the midst of my broken arm another DEXA scan was arranged.
I managed to get hold of a copy of the 2017 DEXA results yesterday. I was then able to compare the 2 results. The great news is although I still have osteopenia there is definite improvement on the key parameters.

This has motivated me to work even more on my nutrition and lifestyle tweaks. Plus a huge thanks to Medfit as without the correct exercise plan along with the protocol I set myself I wouldn’t have the positive result😀💪🏻🙏🙏🍀. Here’s to moving closer and closer to healthy bones and to taking any other credible steps to get there😀

For those of you thinking you’re a lost cause be sure and get the help you need.
Now I’m off to celebrate 🎉 👏🎉🎉❤️

Does this resonate with you? Are you on a healing journey yourself?

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